Ipsos GIA & Guangdong University of Foreign Studies | Market Research Practice Contest 2018 comes to a successful conclusion

Ipsos GIA (Generation Ipsos Advance) talent development program is well underway in Guangzhou.

Ipsos GIA (Generation Ipsos Advance) talent development program is well underway in Guangzhou. Ipsos encourages GIA participants in Beijing, Shangzhou and Guangzhou to carry out innovative cooperation and research in the field of market research with the theme of "public benefit" so as to promote the all-round development of high-potential talents. The team from Guangzhou and Guangdong University of Foreign Studies jointly organized the Market Research Practice Contest 2018, aiming to encourage participants to combine learnings with social practice, so as to understand actual business research and improve their professional competence. The Contest ended successfully on January 19. 


The Contest includes market research training camp, research project design workshop, Ipsos master seminar and market research practice competition, with a total of 200+ participants. After several rounds of competition, 4 teams were finally selected for the ultimate PK. These 4 teams started a wonderful journey of market exploration in the fields of electronic products, daily necessities, food and beverage, and pan-entertainment respectively. Research managers from Ipsos Guangzhou research teams serve as mentors from basic knowledge of market research, qualitative and quantitative research methods, project design, research reports and analysis, to final speeches. 


After the live training, the final report and on-site reply of each team were launched on the morning of January 19. As the judges of the Contest, Ipsos' research directors put forward guiding suggestions for the performance of each team. The Electronic Products Team deeply, by exploring the willingness and attitude of college students to purchase electronic products, explores the purchase motivation and resistance of consumers, and puts forward innovative marketing suggestions based on the results of the survey.     The Daily Necessities Team whose topic is electric toothbrush, based on the marketing funnel theory, collected information and data through qualitative interviews, and deeply analyzed the decision-making logic of consumers from their awareness of electric toothbrush products to purchase and post-purchase sharing.     The Food and Beverage Team chose the seasonal low-temperature yogurt and created a vivid picture of the current low-temperature yogurt consumption group of college students through data analysis, and explored the health and consumption view of the consumer group. 


The excellent performance of the participants greatly surprised the mentors and judges. The on-site judges put forward constructive suggestions for the improvement of the participants' reports. At the same time, they also gave high recognition and praise to the participants for their efforts in the projects and the findings of the surveys. 

 In the end, the Food and Beverage Team, Daily Necessities Team and Electronic Products Team won the first, second and third prizes of the Contest respectively, as well as the bonus and internship opportunities provided by Ipsos. At the same time, Ipsos will provide a special channel for all participants having successfully passed the training and finalization, who can skip the online application, written examination and HR group interview and be interviewed directly with the business departments. Those who have successfully passed the interview will become members of the Generation Ipsos Young program.