Ipsos Invited to TASICC

30 August to 1 September 2017

Jointly organized by China General Chamber of Commerce, the Chinese Institute of Electronics, MAPIC and Wanda Group, the Annual Shanghai International Commerce Convention (TASICC), the largest and most influential commercial event in the field of China’s business entities so far, was wrapped up on September 1st

With the theme of “openness, wisdom, integration”, the event was launched to “build a new platform and provide services to new businesses”. The world leading market research group, Ipsos, with innovative spirit in its blood and advancing with the times in its mind, was invited to TASICC.

Ipsos Senior Executive Director Joshua Chang was invited to and addressed this business technology summit, where he shared with other attendees the way of using big data to solve commercial pain points from such perspective as the role of data integration in boosting operation, and gave advice and recommendations on the development of business in China.

According to Joshua Chang, China has witnessed rapid growth in macro economy and following the increase in income, the demand gets diversified. Experience consumption and consumer demands have become a new core of business management. Big data will facilitate enterprises’ understanding of user needs and experience to provide accurate business insight and decision.

The 3-day event was enthusiastic with attendees, among whom there were plenty of industry elites. We examined the latest business opportunities and customer pain points with all the well-known brands, while the latter also learned about the latest research methods and trends from our Group, and were impressed by the new research models and solutions.