Ipsos Update - June 2022

Inflation is a recurring theme in the articles featured this month. Other topics include the future of food, the role of cycling and how EU citizens view the EU’s response to war in Ukraine.


Global Views on Inflation | One in four are struggling financially 

Our 11-country survey for the World Economic Forum finds high levels of concern about the rate of inflation as well as expectations that things will get worse before they get better.
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What Worries the World? | Concern about inflation rises for tenth month in a row

May’s edition of our 27-country tracker finds worries about inflation rising globally for the tenth consecutive month. In all countries surveyed, concern is higher now than in January 2022.
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AI Meets Consumer Insights | Welcome to the era of AICI

The future of consumer understanding requires human and machine intelligence. This Ipsos Views paper sets out how human-machine teams can bring AI-enabled consumer intelligence to the enterprise.
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Connected CPG | A winning formula for CPG in the tech-enabled age

Our latest Ipsos Views paper explores how we are navigating the new world with tech-enabled product innovations and sets out a framework for Connected CPG success.
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The EU’s Response to War in Ukraine | EU citizens evaluate measures taken by the EU

Across the 27 EU member states, 88% approve of the EU welcoming people fleeing the war. There is also strong support for reducing EU dependency on Russian oil.
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What the Future: Food | Stresses on our food systems

We explore how our food culture will evolve as hybrid work continues to change our food patterns, and how new innovations in tech and science offer new opportunities.
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Cycling Across the World | Reducing carbon emissions and traffic

86% of people consider cycling to play an important role in the cutting carbon emissions and in the reduction of traffic. Our 28-country survey explores participation rates in and barriers to cycling.
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Youth and Democracy in Europe | The European Year of Youth

The EU has declared 2022 the European Year of Youth, as a recognition of the sacrifices that young people have made during the pandemic. We explore young people’s expectations of the EU.
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