LIVE EVENT: Closer to Reality

Ipsos Insights: Closer to Reality - Live Event in Copenhagen


Closer to Reality

Being closer to reality is a key enabler of business growth - So how do you get closer?

For our first live event in Copenhagen, we have handpicked six keynote speakers who wish to inspire you to fulfil your business potential now and in the future.

They will be bring different perspectives on reality throughout the day, including themes like research in a natural environment, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR), Internet of the Future, ad testing, and shoppers.
Further below, you will find the agenda of the day and the presentation of the speakers.

The event consists of 3 different sections:

  1. Short and inspiring talks  with each speaker
  2. panel session where your questions theme-relevant topics will be debated
  3. Q&A's and product-trial with individual stands for each speaker


WHEN: MARCH 31st, 11:00-15:00

WHERE: Danish Architecture Centre (DAC), Bryghusgade 10, 1473 Copenhagen 




  • Welcome and registration

  • Bringing Shoppers Closer to Reality | Ipsos Simstore 

by Maria Psilander | CEO

We will explore how we can bring shoppers "into the moment" with the help of technology, in order to predict shopping behaviour, and ultimately, get closer to real business behaviour.  


  • Research in a Natural Environment | LEGO

by Benjamin Duve | Senior Manager Innovation, Global Insights

Leading the LEGO’s innovation research journeys the past years, Benjamin will share valuable learnings from stress-testing innovations in a more realistic and natural environment.


  • Ad Test Reflecting Reality | Ipsos Denmark 

by Alexander Asmussen | Head of Creative Excellence

If you want realistic results you can trust, you need to test your ad in a realistic environment with other ads to build cognitive load that would occur in real-life. Alexander will show you how Ipsos brings your ads closer to reality mimicking real-life experiences.


  • Lunch

  • The Spatial Internet of the Future | Khora Virtual Reality  

by Simon Lajboschitz | Co-Founder and CEO

How does the future of the internet look, how is it going to affect our everyday life and will it change our perception as well as bring you closer to reality?


  • Real Connections with Real People | Ipsos 

by Cristina Craciun | Global Director, Censydiam & Qualitative

Can we have empathy in business? We can, and we should! As businesses, we need to develop empathy for our users, consumers and customers, through real connections with real people in real life.


  • Tomorrow’s Tech will Exist to be Unseen | Meta (former Facebook)  

by Pia Tandrup | Country Director

What becomes possible when technology fades into the background?. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are poised to deliver these magical possibilities and bring us closer to reality.


  • Panel session

  • Meet the Speakers




Alexander AsmussenAlexander Asmussen | Head of Creative Excellence | Ipsos Denmark 

 Almost a decade-and-a-half of experience in the advertising industry, both on the ad agency and research side. As Head of Creative Excellence in Denmark, Alexander is a true advertising nerd and branding aficionado, leading all communication-related research together with his team.


Benjamin DuveBenjamin Duve | Senior Manager Innovation, Global Insights | LEGO

For the past 10 years Benjamin has been a LEGO insights Jedi leading kids and shopper-centric end-to-end research journeys on future global LEGO experiences designed for kids. 
His focus is on de-risking high risk innovation profiles using proven and new (technology) methodologies in more realistic and tougher environments to build internal and external stakeholder trust and confidence before market launch. 


CristinaCristina Craciun | Global Director, Censydiam & Qualitative | Ipsos 

Cristina's almost 20 years career path in social and market research has been dedicated to advocating for a business culture of empathy and people centricity. 
She has generated impact on 3 continents through effective transformation. In her most recent role in Latin America, she has been the initiator of pan-American programmes of Women Empowerment and Diversity & Inclusion, she has put in place mentorship and inter-country exchange practices that use the power of ethnography, storytelling, and motivational research to improve the opportunities of women in research. 


Maria PsilanderMaria Psilander | CEO | Ipsos Simstore 

Maria is Business Development Director at Ipsos Simstore, Ipsos virtual research technology platform that helps clients understand and predict shopper behaviour. 
Maria works with clients across the globe, helping them solve business challenges by combining strategic knowledge with modern technology. Maria has extensive experience from the CPG industry, both on the client and agency side, and is passionate about understanding shopper behaviour.


PiaPia Tandrup | Country Director | Meta (former Facebook) 

As Country Director, Pia Tandrup is in charge of Meta’s advertising business in Denmark. Her team works with Danish advertisers to help them optimize and succeed with their marketing investments on Meta's family of apps – both locally and in export markets.
Pia comes with a long experience from the advertising industry, most recently as CEO for Ogilvy Denmark and has a great understanding and passion for how creativity, consumer insights and right targeting can make the difference and create strong business results.


Simon LajboschitzSimon Lajboschitz | Co-Founder and CEO | Khora Virtual Reality 

Exploring the purpose of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. How will it change our lives and how can we make it into a good thing? Founded Khora with Peter Fisher. After 6 years of exploring, we have produced +300 VR, AR, 360 productions for B2B partners and facilitated +1000 workshops for businesses seeking to explore the potential with us. Keynote speaker, Futurist and amateur ping pong player.

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