Service with a smile: Delivering customer experience in the face of mask wearing

Since mask wearing is likely here to stay for some considerable time yet, how do organisations create meaningful ‘masked moments’ that encourage customers to return, spend and recommend - while also ensuring that customers and staff stay safe?

Service with a smile cover

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Research shows that face masks affect human relationship building as they inhibit facial perception and communication. This is reflected in our new study; over four in ten (43%) customers reported that face masks negatively impacted their customer experience.

In this new paper, we provide guidance for organisations charged with designing and delivering positive customer experiences within the constraints of face masks to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

There is no single magic solution, but some of the important aspects to consider when facilitating interactions between employees and customers include body language, eye contact, sound levels and visual aids.

The paper also presents a Service Design framework, which helps brands to understand, ideate, test and deliver customer experience that will deliver on brand promises and desired business outcomes.

Download SERVICE WITH A SMILE below to find out more. 

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