Food Trends 2020

The changing food habits and attitudes of consumers in Egypt during the pandemic.

With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting various behaviors and inflicting change upon consumers' habits, we have seen changes in eating trends in different markets. In Egypt, around 6 in 10 Egyptians have become more health-conscious during the pandemic and a little less than half are eating more balanced meals. Spending more time at home this year, three in four are also eating more home-cooked meals, and the majority intend to keep these practices post pandemic.

When it comes to shopping habits, neighborhood stores and call orders saw the largest spike as shopping channels during the pandemic, but one third also used online channels more frequently, the latter particularly popular amongst younger generations. Over half have started buying a wider variety of food items during their shopping trips, and over 4 in 10 have also been exploring new brands during the pandemic.

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