Ipsos Healthcare is dedicated to understanding the motivations, behavior and influences of the multiple stakeholders driving commercial success in the healthcare industry.
In doing so, we guide pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies in building successful brands and optimizing their sales potential.

Client context

Our track record of delivering actionable consumer insights includes the following study types:

  •  Patient Journey Research
  •  Patient Satisfaction Survey
  •  EquityVision (Brand Equity)
  •  Social Listening/Community
  •  KOL/Influencer Identification and Mapping
  •  Market Assessment
  •  Pricing Strategy
  •  Market Sizing and Entry Strategy
  •  Sales Force Effectiveness
  •  Brand Positioning
  •  Customer Segmentation
  •  Advertising/Campaign Tracking
  •  Qualitative – Patient Focus Group, In-depth Interviews


The following examples showcase how we work with our Healthcare clients across a range of issues to deliver actionable insights.

Physicians Network Case Study 

Delivering Clarity in multi-stakeholder markets Case Study 

Customer Segmentation & Targeting Case Study




Ipsos Hong Kong has a wealth of published research and thought pieces available on topics related to the Healthcare sector. Read our latest findings on subjects such as the economy, consumer confidence and more.

Building a Differentiated Value Proposition for Pharma Brands with Empirical Emotional Research

This framework is called Censydiam and is based on a well-established psychological theory of human motivation.
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Online Medical Information – How Much is it Trusted by Consumers?

With the proliferation of information on medicine and healthcare on the internet, Ipsos conducted a study to understand what behaviour is exhibited by consumers in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan, when it comes to accessing online medical information.
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Understanding the Patient Journey

Innovating for a richer understanding of the patient journey.
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The Brave New World of Digital Healthcare

This offers a unique opportunity for pharmas to rethink the tool set provided in marketing communications.
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What are People Eating? 10 Food Trends of 2014

Ipsos rounds up the 10 most important trends to impact food and consumer behaviour with regards to snacking, health and wellbeing and style without substance.
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Physicians Digital Outlook (PDO)

The analysis of doctor’s behavior and preference in Internet practice.
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Physicians & Consumers Online Behaviour Survey

The report examines how physicians’ online behaviour in the use of digital and social media channels has been transformed, its impact on doctor-patient relationship and the role of pharmaceutical companies in the medical information.
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Case studies

Case Study - Market Understanding

As a leading medical device and diagnostic company, Client wants to understand the market landscape and its own competitive edge in the market in order to identify key business focus and priorities for revenue growth and resources allocation and therefore to design and support mid and long term strategy development.

- Obtain greater insight in the procedure volumes of key ENT specialists
- Identify the patient journey
- Evaluate the procedure volume for the ENT; understand the key differences compared to previous year
- Develop high-level service site assessment
- Inpatient and outpatients of hospitals
- Private clinic
- Understand the brand awareness and usage of flexible fiberscope/ flexible video-scope, rigid endoscope and sinus shaver/ debride

- Face-to face quantitative interviews with self completion sheets
- Target respondents: ENT specialists, both public and private hospitals
- We focused on the respondents who perform a minimum number of procedures and an average month and have been involved in the
procedures in daily practice.

Values to client:
- Clients gain in depth knowledge of the end-to-end patient journey from diagnostics, treatment to follow up, the procedure volume
among ENT specialists, departments as well as detailed brand usage of its main competitors.
- With the market insight information developed by Ipsos Healthcare, Client can now focus on the specific treatment pathways and
typical standard of care for selected ENT disease areas.
- Throughout the project, Clients acknowledged Ipsos Healthcare's quality of work, industry knowledge and experience, and invited us to
engage in new projects for the above areas.