This Ipsos webinar series is dedicated to helping our clients better understand the dynamics of today as they prepare for tomorrow.

Our focus is on bringing together new perspectives, based on real-life experiences and insights grounded in research.

This session sees us explore how we can cut through the noise and ensure the product, service or experience we are offering stands out at those moments that really matter. Our experts will be sharing our latest analysis of how consumers react in different contexts - and reflecting on the implications.

On the agenda:

  • The Mood Out There: After more than a year of the pandemic, are we hitting the Covid Wall, or can we now see light at the end of the tunnel? We review the latest public opinion research from around the world.
  • First Impressions Matter: The trouble is, you only get one chance to make a good one. Our new analysis shows how understanding first impressions of your new product can help predict the potential and increase its success in-market.
  • Service with a Smile: The wearing of face masks presents new challenges in delivering a positive customer experience. We look at how to create “meaningful masked moments” which drive the right outcomes, and keep customers and staff safe.
  • We Don’t Need to Talk About Ads: Why does only some advertising get talked about on social media? We share new research on what to focus on if you want to get people talking about your ads online.

We do hope you will be able to join us. 

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Jennifer Hubber Head of Global Client Organisation, Ipsos

Simon Atkinson Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos

Colin Ho Chief Research Officer, Innovation and Market Strategy & Understanding, Ipsos

Fiona Moss Global Research Director, Customer Experience, Ipsos

Adam Sheridan Global Head of Products & Innovation, Creative Excellence, Ipsos

Consumer & Shopper