Happy Tidings! 8 in 10 Urban Indians believe Circa 2022 will be better than 2021 - Ipsos Predictions 2022 Survey

Happy Tidings! 8 in 10 Urban Indians believe Circa 2022 will be better than 2021 - Ipsos Predictions 2022 Survey (Global citizens echo similar view); A mixed bag predicted - Economy will emerge stronger; prices will increase faster than people’s incomes; more will live in virtual worlds; strict rules for large tech companies by govt.; vaxx jabs will penetrate over 80% of world population

Ipsos Predictions 2022 Survey
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  • Madhurima Bhatia Media Relations and Content lead
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Ipsos global Predictions 2022 Survey in 33 markets among 22,023 adults shows majority of urban Indians (80%) and global citizens (77%) are optimistic of the prospects for 2022, predicting it to be a better year than 2021!


Good Predictions for 2022 – Positive!

Economy, Society, COVID19


8 in 10 urban Indians (80%) and 61% of the global citizens polled predict the Economy to emerge stronger in 2022. The markets most optimistic were China (87%), India (80%), and Saudi Arabia (79%). The least optimistic were Turkey (40%), Belgium (44%) and Russia (45%).

Further, there is optimism around city centers getting busy again with life limping back ro normalcy around people getting back to offices again – 7 in 10 agree globally (71%), India has 3 in 4 agreeing (74%) and interestingly, all 33 markets have more number of respondents feeling optimistic – markets at the top were China (87%), Malaysia (86%), Netherlands (81%) and Israel (80%).

While most global citizens disagree, at least 6 in 10 Urban Indians (60%) expect people to get more tolerant towards each other in 2022. Markets that expect this more likely to happen, were China (83%), Malaysia (66%),   

Vaxx Jabs – More than 80% of the global population will receive at least one dose of COVID19 vaccine has about polarisation of views among global citizens (56% agree) and the markets that agreed most included Peru (81%), China (80%), Malaysia (79%), Brazil (76%), India (75%) and Mexico (75%). Markets agreeing least were Hungary (29%), Poland (33%) and Germany (33%).   


Commenting on the findings of the survey, Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India said, "Most respondents are optimistic of the bright prospects for 2022 and expect the economy to grow, vaccination drive to accelerate and cover majority of population and further they expect tolerance levels to improve. Full recovery is still a long way off and Omicron surge could spoil the party if stern measures of isolation, vaccination and other protocols are not taken to stop the spread."          


Key trends emerging in 2022


People could fly less than they did in 2019: 45% global citizens polled hold this view; India showed polarized views with 1 in 2 (52%) agreeing; Markets agreeing most were China (68%), Singapore (67%) and Malaysia (66%). And markets agreeing least were Belgium (27%), Saudi Arabia (29%), Colombia (34%), South Korea (35%) and Netherlands (35%).

Prices will outpace people’s incomes is the perception of most global citizens (75%). Markets agreeing most were Russia (88%), Chile (85%), Netherlands (85%), Romania (85%) and Colombia (84%). India had at least 2 in 3 agreeing (68%). Market agreeing least was Japan (33%).     

A lot more people will live their lives in virtual worlds was the view of at least 57% of global citizens polled and 6 in 10 Urban Indians (60%); markets agreeing most were Turkey (77%), Malaysia (75%), Brazil (74%), Poland (72%) and Singapore (72%). Markets agreeing the least were Japan (18%), China (33%) and Saudi Arabia (36%).

Strict rules for large Technology companies could be introduced by the govt, expect China (74%), India (64%), Malaysia (59%) and Singapore (57%) most.

More extreme weather events could take place in 2022 feel 6 in 10 global citizens; India had 62% predicting. Markets most wary of adverse weather events taking place were Netherlands (72%), Great Britain (69%), Australia (68%) and Italy (68%). Saudi Arabia (27%) had least expecting it to happen.

A rogue AI program that can’t be shutdown and could cause global havoc – 27% global citizens feared it could happen in 2022 ; markets agreeing most were Malaysia (56%), India (46%) and Turkey (43%). Markets agreeing least were Hungary (15%), Sweden (16%), Netherlands (18%), Denmark (18%) and Canada (18%).   


"Price will outpace incomes and escapism in the virtual world will grow, also strict laws for large tech companies by govt could happen are some of the predictions. Inflation, binge watching of content will be carry forwarded to 2022, believe most," added Adarkar.    


Other Predictions

There were predictions around the stock market crash, natural disaster, global IT shutdown due to hacking by a foreign govt., use of nuclear weapons, asteroid hitting the Earth, Aliens visiting the Earth etc.


Circa 2021 was a bad year for most!

77% of global citizens and 73% of urban Indians claim 2021 was a bad year for their country. Countries endorsing this view most were Romania (89%), South Korea (89%) and Spain (89%). Markets agreeing least were China (41%) and Saudi Arabia (48%).


2021 was also a bad year for them and their families. 58% of global citizens and 63% of Indians agreed. And the markets that held this view most were South Africa (77%), South Korea (74%) and Turkey (74%). And the markets least impacted were China (39%), Sweden (40%) and Netherlands (42%).


2022 Goals


3 in 4 global citizens (75%) and 4 in 5 urban Indians (80%) have resolved to do specific things for themselves and others in 2022. Markets holding this view most were - China (96%), Colombia (93%), Mexico (92%) and Peru (92%). And agreeing least were Sweden (23%) and Japan (44%). 


"The verdict is out. 2021 was a bad year for countries, individuals and their families. Citizens polled are going to prioritize themselves and work with their communities as they step into a spanking new year," Adarkar said.


The author(s)
  • Madhurima Bhatia Media Relations and Content lead

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