Ipsos Update

The impact of mobile and rapid digital adoption on how India consumes

India is well-known as the world’s largest democracy, one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, and a young nation set to reap demographic dividends over the next few decades. What is not so well known is its unprecedented pace and scale of digital adoption.

App-based Ride hailing, Car Ownership Slug Fest. And what it means for the industry

Changing mobility landscape with emergence of app-based ride hailing companies -By Abhishek Jha, Client Director, Ipsos India

In media we trust? How our views of the media are changing

While chants of “fake news” ring out around the world, this paper asks is there really a crisis of trust in the media?

UN Women Reports: Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq

Ipsos and UN Women report on Gender and Displacement caused by the Syria crisis.

The Behavioural Science of CPG: Disrupting the customer experience

One of the most important developments facing brands today is how digital technology is fundamentally changing customer behaviour and decision-making. This paper introduces five 'Mind Economy' trends to suggest how consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands can achieve growth in this reality.

Human Curation in an AI world

Human curation is more important than ever in an age of ‘Infobesity’ as it offers qualities that are not replicable by AI. We show how a fusion of AI synthesis and strategic human curation can help to drive business impact.

Cognitive Battlefield Part II: A framework for packaging information

Ensuring their target audience is left with a strongly branded memory is key for any marketer. To enable this requires creating a message which is “sticky”.

Black Friday: Shifting its Centre of Gravity

Ahead of Black Friday 2018, Tim Denison traces the history of a retail event that has evolved into a global phenomenon. But what is different now to previous years, what can retailers learn, and what shape can we expect Black Friday to take in the future?

Connected Health Trends 2018

Connected Health: moving in the right direction.

The Future of Mobility - Shared Mobility

The third in The Future of Mobility series, Shared Mobility looks at the rise and development of car-sharing and ride-sharing.