Ipsos India launches Ipsos India Knowledge Review 2021 – a dossier of insightful thought pieces by the Ipsos think tank

Ipsos India Knowledge Review 2021 is a compilation of thought pieces written by our experts across our service lines and functions. The theme for 2021 is CHANGE, and the articles provide a perspective on how people, culture and markets are changing and what this could mean for brands and businesses.

Four Ways Agile Research Will Evolve to Drive Innovation

In today’s fast-moving, shape-shifting world, it seems virtually every business, every marketer, and every researcher wants to be agile. But, what exactly does agility mean?

Flair Indonesia 2018 - Dealing with the Opposites

Indonesia is more often in the news because of volcanic eruptions, tsunamis or other disasters, than for a more positive coverage. It is all the more unfair since the country, one of the most attractive in the world for tourists, has been experiencing sustained economic growth for decades and,…

Flair India 2018: Aspiration to Action

In 2018, the Indian economy will be in fifth place worldwide, ahead of France and the UK. This dynamic, opening new balances of power, is part of a favourable trend for Asian countries that will be in the ranking of the ten largest economies in the next 15 years.

Flair Thailand 2017 - Beyond the concerns

Welcome to Ipsos Flair, Thailand. Our 2017 rendition, “Beyond the concerns”, offers a unique perspective on the mood of the country. 2017 represents a crucial year for the Thai economy which has latterly suffered from weak growth.

Flair Thailand 2015 - Preserving Its Unique Versatility

Thailand’s uniqueness is linked to its ability to adapt, to integrate without internalising, and never taking up a frontal position.

Flair China 2012 - The Resolute Spirit Of The Loong

“China is a horse and the world, an idea” 2012 is the Year of the Dragon, a major symbol and myth within Chinese civilization that signifies strength and power – and how very apt this is.