Singapore, Indonesia and India emerge most optimistic in January 2024: Ipsos Global Advisor What Worries the World

Peru, South Africa & Hungary least optimistic; Inflation top worry of global citizens & urban Indians

What Worries the World - Jan
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  • Madhurima Bhatia Media Relations and Content lead
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The January wave of the Ipsos Global Advisor What Worries the World survey shows that Singapore (86%), Indonesia (82%) and India (70%) are most optimistic about the future and believe their country is headed in the right direction. Though India has seen a 5% drop in optimism from the last wave. Peru (15%), South Africa (19%) and Hungary (22%) were at the bottom of the heap with fewer believing their country is on right track. 

Global citizens showed 2% improvement in optimism from previous month with 41% global citizens believing their country is moving in the right direction; though 59% believed their country is on wrong track. 


Ipsos’ What Worries the World survey tracks public opinion on the most important social and political issues across 29 countries drawing on over ten years of data to place the latest scores in context. 

This survey presents the top concerns around the world, alongside whether people think things in their country are heading in the right or wrong direction.

Top worries of global citizens & urban Indians

Global citizens claimed to be most worried about inflation (36%), poverty and social inequality (29%), crime and violence (29%), unemployment (27%) and financial and political corruption (26%). 


Urban Indians were most worried about inflation (43%), unemployment (38%), crime and violence (22%), poverty and social inequality (20%), financial and political corruption (20%), terrorism (19%), coronavirus (16%), healthcare (11%) and climate change (11%). 

Globally, India was the 2nd most worried about terrorism and the 3rd most worried about the coronavirus (covid19), after Malaysia (29%) and Singapore (22%).  

Commenting on the findings of the survey, Amit Adarkar, CEO, Ipsos India said, "India continues to display resilience and stays the 3rd most optimistic country, being overtaken by two South East Asian countries. A lot of growth and rigour is emerging from this part of the world, as the west has been greatly impacted by the war, the pandemic and the economic slowdown. And while there is some bit of dip in inflation, both in the west and in India, it continues to worry most citizens as they grapple with the heightened cost of living, especially for discretionary spends. Indians are also worried about unemployment, crime and violence, poverty and social inequality, financial and political corruption, terrorism and coronavirus. As a nation, redressal of some of these issues will be important to make citizens happy. With the general elections this year, in a few months, the issues impacting lives of citizens need to be prioritized."    

The author(s)
  • Madhurima Bhatia Media Relations and Content lead

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