TikTok Drives Advertiser Brand Value

Delivering Ad recall and strong call to action.

A targeted advertising using digital channels has helped brands to reach consumers at every stage of the purchase journey and is now intrinsic to any brand building exercise.  In this report, we see how TikTok is helping brands grow by delivering strong visibility and significant uplift on brand consideration among the platform users.


With the introduction of TikTok advertising in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2020, we've seen efficacious ad impact results even more promising than those of TV advertising at its prime (in the mid-2000s) and even better than Digital Advertising today.

The findings of this study confirmed that TikTok delivered higher Ad recall, greater uplift in brand awareness, and an increase in purchase intent among TikTok users in both KSA and UAE in 2020.

For Ad recall, among TikTok user, the platform delivered 59% ad recall in KSA i.e. 1.23x higher than TV advertising and 1.84x higher than digital advertising. While in the UAE, TikTok delivered 55% Ad recall which adds up to 1.62x increase than digital advertising. It is important to note here that due to changing trends, there has been less testing on TV Ad Recall observations in the UAE since 2017.

For unaided brand awareness, TikTok delivered an uplift of +6.1%, i.e. 1.11x higher than TV advertising and 1.69x higher than digital advertising in KSA. Also, in the UAE TikTok delivered an uplift in unaided Brand Awareness of +6.2% i.e. 1.44x higher than TV advertising 1.94x digital advertising.

Finally, for intent to purchase (definitely), TikTok also delivered an Increase of +6.2% i.e. 1.13x higher than TV advertising and 2.21x higher than digital advertising in KSA. On the other hand, in the UAE, TikTok also delivered an increase on Purchase Intent of +10.10% i.e. 1.87x higher than TV advertising and 3.26x higher than digital advertising.

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