Five simple maneuvers for maximizing your APAC medtech launch plan

What are the obstacles standing between you and success in your medtech strategies? How do you remain competitive in your space? Have you considered the needs of market access stakeholders in your medtech business plans, or is that missing from your strategy?

Listen to the recording of our webinar, and follow two of our APAC-based experts in medical devices & diagnostics and market access strategy, as they guide you through a journey to a compelling medtech launch plan. They’ll show you five simple maneuvers that, underpinned by our medtech advisory and market access teams, can ensure your plan’s success.

Our five maneuvers focus on:

  1. Understanding the customer experience – How do you relate to new and existing customers?
  2. Measuring the channel effectiveness – What information is needed and how is it delivered?
  3. Determining the competitor positioning – Who are the competitors and what are they doing?
  4. Understanding the buying process and market access – Who needs to be influenced?
  5. Defining the key market indicators – How do you track success and enhance your position?

Some key takeaways: You will discover how to realize the impact of identifying the key influencers and decision makers to shape your messaging, as well as understanding the key drivers in the buying process so you can adjust your business plan accordingly. Armed with this intelligence, you will be able to maneuver your way to a successful launch by interweaving our unrivaled advisory services and market access strategy with our medtech solutions. By listening to our webinar, you will be able to change the entire trajectory of your launch plan.


Click here to access the webinar recording


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