Navigating the Science of Human Behaviour

A roadmap(ps) to sustained behavioural change

Governments, businesses and individuals are all interested in behaviour change. It is relevant to all parties, for a range of different reasons, and has become increasingly important as the familiar methods of changing behaviour have been challenged. Certain governments are typically less willing to introduce legislation to curb individual behaviour, while the traditional levers of influence for brands, such as TV advertising, have weakened as media channels have proliferated.

At the same time, there is an increasing need to navigate change as we face significant challenges from trends such as climate change, digitisation, ageing populations, mass migration, and now, COVID-19.While the ultimate goal of many organisations inevitably relies on some form of behaviour change, it is only relatively recently that this has started to become a discipline in its own right.

Read on to discover more about Ipsos’ approach, with an introduction to the principles, and it's application across different fields of research and real-world challenges.

The Ipsos Framework and How It Works: MAPPSipsos mapps framework

There are a wide variety of ways in which we practice behavioural science at Ipsos, all of which are based on generating value for our clients. There are a number of specific activities we offer:

  • We provide our clients straightforward guidance on how to make behavioural science an integral part of their research activities. We provide simple and straightforward advice and support.
  • We offer a framework to holistically guide our clients from diagnosis to behavioural change interventions
  • We have a range of behavioural science informed tools and solutions that can operate at scale across the globe
  • We are experts at optimising market research designs and methodologies using behavioural science
  • We offer a range of consulting and education activities

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