Harnessing AI for Market Research & Innovation

singapore ai event banner november 2023

Join us for brunch and presentation on 7 November 2023, from 9.30am to 12.00 noon, where we will take a close look into a crucial topic that is shaping our future: Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Whether we’re ready or not, the AI era has arrived, having a profound impact across industries. Particularly, its applications in new product development and business improvement are distinct and powerful.

After decades as a niche field of study, generative artificial intelligence has become a mainstream interest, exploding in popularity and publicity. Still, for any technology to thrive, humans have to want it and use it.

During the presentation, we will explore the role and use of generative and analytical AI in market research, and how we can leverage its potential to drive stronger insights for impactful product and service innovation, and how human intelligence fit into the process.

The event program also includes further discussion by a panel of Ipsos experts and senior client marketers who will delve into their experience, expectations, and challenges where AI is, and is further anticipated to be, instrumental:

  • Use of AI in Customer Experience, and Marketing to improve businesses.
  • Generative AI in other aspects of Market Research – Qualitative, Workshops, Knowledge Curation, and Data Interactivity.


*This event is by invitation only. Please contact us for more information and registration enquiries.

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