[Webinar] Beyond A Nudge: A roadmap(ps) to sustained behavioural change

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Governments, businesses and individuals are all interested in behaviour change. While the ultimate goal of many organisations inevitably relies on some form of behaviour change, it is only relatively recently that Behaviour Science have started to become a discipline in its own right.

While a lot has been written about System 1 Thinking and Nudges, we believe that they are part of the solution but far from the whole story. Attractive, fun and interesting as these are, we need to be clear – there are limited applications for their use.

Join us as we take a walk through the Ipsos Behavioural Science MAPPS framework. A holistic approach that guides you from diagnosis through to intervention. With examples from the government and commercial sector, this session will give you a demonstration of how we apply the framework across different categories for sustained behavioural change.

Presented by:

Ajay Bangia (Lead, Ipsos UU, Southeast Asia)

Anvaya Sharma (Lead, Ipsos UU, Singapore)


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