The Future of Mobility - Shared Mobility

The third in The Future of Mobility series, Shared Mobility looks at the rise and development of car-sharing and ride-sharing.

In the age of digitalisation, a raft of new mobility services were born, including app-ordering services, like free-floating and peer-to-peer car-sharing, car-pooling or ride-sharing. These have now become a part of day-to-day for many and form the modern alternatives to traditional public transport or taxis and cars.

Research for the report found the daily use of the average car is as little as 63 minutes a day. Furthermore, there are 67 days (more than two months) annually when the car is not used at all. All this cumulates in the fact that 96% of the time the car is parked at a standstill.

In addition, it found, more than 50% of current car owners predict that instead of owning a car, people will use shared mobility services in future, as it will be the cheaper option.

The report also looks at what the future may hold for mobility services, including which new vehicles could be introduced and what consumers think of their availability.

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