Professional vacancies

Joining Ipsos means developing your career in the very top tier of research. With 18,000 people employed in 90 markets, we are one of the largest and best known research companies.

As a curious and intuitive individual, an enthusiastic professional with a passion for creating knowledge, at Ipsos you will be fully dedicated to finding the best solutions for our clients.


Available Positions in South Africa

Service Line Manager - CX (South Africa)

Business Development Lead - PA (Sub-Sahara Africa)

Director of Development Evaluation - PA (Sub-Sahara Africa)


For market researchers who have a passion for establishing their skills and who want to grow with an industry leader, Ipsos is a firm that provides opportunities globally. We offer both specialist and generalist career opportunities, are one of the industry’s fastest growing and most financially successful firms, and operate under clearly-defined client and ethical commitments. Unlike our main global competitors, Ipsos is proud to still be owned and operated by researchers. Our most valuable assets are the people who work for us. We have over 15,000 full-time employees globally and want all our staff to be highly trained, well motivated and professional people, who take pride in their work. Ipsos believes the best way to motivate is to empower people. We aim to set the minimum of rules which will provide the framework within which our staff can operate efficiently and flexibly; this framework should motivate people to reach their own potential and carry out actions in the best interests of clients and of our Company.

Please email [email protected] if you are interested or require more information.