About the Author

About the author


Adam SheridanAdam Sheridan is the Head of Global Products and Analytics for Creative Excellence at Ipsos.

He has worked in research for two decades, specialising in advertising, movies and entertainment, measuring the effects of paid advertising to grow brands and content experiences to grow audiences.

Adam is a key thought leader at Ipsos and author of several industry recognised papers, identifying the experiences that brands can use to maximise their business outcomes.




The power of you | brand assets | media | Ipsos Last impressions also count


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The Power of You

Why distinctive brand assets are a driving force for creative effectiveness

Last impressions also count

How to evoke an emotional response to leave strong branded memories

We Don't Need To Talk About Ads

Why only some advertising gets talked about on social media and becomes famous

Selling Creative Research Short?

How creative research can help measure and fuel long-term campaign effects