Creative Excellence

Creative Excellence


We are communication experts who combine art, science, and knowledge to help our clients achieve their business goals through creative excellence. We cover the entire creative development process to bring back the magic. We are enablers of great creative and are proud when our clients produce award winning and best-in-class advertising.

At Ipsos, we are the number one company world-wide in covering the entire creative development process, starting from the initial insight exploration to big idea assessment, early screening of territories, storyboards, to evaluation and qualification of the campaign ensuring the best ROI is delivered for the brand prior to airing, and finally the monitoring of its impact in-market.

Discover how to unleash the magic of advertising with Ipsos across the entire creative journey

Explore the communication strategy, uncover the best idea and creative route

Assess and maximise creative potential to achieve short and long-term effects for your brand

Monitor, evaluate and optimise your campaign performance on air or post airing

Creative Excellence helps advertisers to bring back the magic by using research to inspire and empower creativity. Be inspired by the latest thought pieces and insights

Take a look at these Creative Corner videos where Ipsos experts discuss how to unleash creativity and create strong ads that will leave a lasting impression and generate positive business outcomes: