About Misfits

About Misfits



Creativity is celebrated as the fuel of effective advertising, but it has a problem.  It is an enigma of artistic work, with a range of definitions, and its pursuit invites uncertainty, with corporate boardrooms demanding certain, stable returns.


MISFITS aims to move beyond this impasse by proposing a shared language for what creativity means in advertising and outlines robust evidence supporting its effects.  Because if advertisers don’t have the confidence to embrace uncertainty and adopt a Misfit mindset to achieve extraordinary effects, they will be confined to safe work and ordinary effects.


In MISFITS, Adam Sheridan highlights the tension and missed opportunity of harnessing creativity in advertising and explores what it means to the regular people it needs to influence.


With this shared language in hand, he identifies its value to end advertising effects.  And he frames this language and value of creativity in the qualities of the MISFITS of popular culture.  The people who do not fit in and, in doing so, can harness creativity to deliver the best experience for their audiences.


Finally, Adam outlines considerations for marketers and agencies when developing advertising, knowing that the evidence confirms trusting in a MISFITS mindset to pursue the extraordinary has more business value than the safe and ordinary.