Ipsos Update - May 2019 (EN)

May’s edition presents Ipsos’ latest research and thinking on topics including climate change, our ‘vices’ – or morally questionable behaviours, driverless cars, shopper technology, creative advertising and trends in MENA.

To mark Earth Day 2019, our Global Advisor survey asked people in 28 countries about their views on the environment. It found increased recognition of environmental problems today compared to last year, in particular ‘climate change’, ‘air pollution’ and ‘dealing with the amount of waste that we generate’. More than 8 in 10 globally are concerned about the use of disposable, non-recyclable products. Responses to questions around responsibility and policy actions, however, are less definitive.

Climate change is also the focus of recent research from Australia, where momentum for action is at its highest since 2010. The annual Climate Change report finds that two-thirds of respondents think that government policy should increase renewable energy sources, and only 24% think that a switch to renewables would negatively impact the national economy.

Our latest What Worries the World survey reveals which social and political issues are of most concern for citizens around the world. Although there are large differences between countries, ‘financial/political corruption’ and ‘poverty/social inequality’ worry most people globally, with ‘unemployment’ and ‘crime/violence’ close behind.

What we consider to be morally acceptable is constantly shifting, and these changing societal norms can be seen in the recent legalisation of cannabis in Canada. The latest edition of What the Future explores attitudes towards the likes of smoking, alcohol and gambling around the world, as well as what we can expect 10 years from now.

Automation has the potential to fundamentally change our lives in many ways, including the rules of the road. Driverless Futures? looks at what we already know and can predict about driverless cars, including how favourable public responses are in different countries.

When it comes to applying technology to the retail sphere, our recent webinar offers insights for staying competitive in an omnichannel world by understanding how customers make purchase decisions and improving the shopper experience in-store and online.

‘Digital first’ is clearly one of the forces driving change in the Middle East and North Africa, with 94% of people using social media, according to MENA: Decoded. The report outlines how key trends are shaping the region.

Meanwhile, our latest white paper Selling Creative Research Short? looks at how applying right mix of creative research tools can fuel long-term business impact.   Focusing on metrics that will really drive objectives is key; our analysis offers a range of tips for how creative research can truly drive campaign goals.