Ipsos Update

Ipsos Update - October 2021

Global risks, trust in research, virtual reality and the global influence of Germany are just some of the topics featured in this month’s round up of research and analysis from Ipsos around the world.

Ipsos Update – April 2021

Our monthly round-up of research and analysis from Ipsos teams around the world covers a range of topics from gender equality and parenting to retail trends and how advertising becomes famous.

Ipsos Update – March 2021

Our monthly round-up of Ipsos research and thinking reflects on the world one year on from Covid-19, looks forward to the world in 2025 and beyond, and presents new white papers on customer experience, product innovation and research methods.

Ipsos Update – February 2021

Our monthly round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos around the world includes new global surveys on life during the pandemic, a new white paper on quality in market research and special features on US and French society.

Ipsos Update - January 2021

Our first monthly research round-up of the year includes both reflections on 2020 and a look forward at the year ahead. Featured topics include vaccines, behaviour change, food trends and look at the local story in a selection of countries.