Ipsos Update – April 2021

Our monthly round-up of research and analysis from Ipsos teams around the world covers a range of topics from gender equality and parenting to retail trends and how advertising becomes famous.

Ipsos Update April 2021

Global surveys

To mark International Women’s Day on 8th March, our annual study explored public attitudes to gender equality and women’s issues in the context of Covid-19. The study finds that, although important, closing the gender pay gap is not generally considered a top priority – only 36% globally say this is the case.

A global survey on inequalities more broadly finds almost one-third (31%) say that gender is one of the most serious forms of inequality in their country today. From a list that includes wealth, race, geography, education and more, disparities in income comes top, selected by six in ten.

Our study on early years and parenting finds that only one in five (18%) think that the years 0-5 are the most critical stage in determining a child’s future health and happiness. Across countries, views differ on whether a child’s development is the sole responsibility of parents or jointly the responsibility of parents and society.

White papers

The Retail Rollercoaster presents our key observations on the retail landscape during the pandemic with data from our public opinion trackers and insights from our neuroscience experts. Looking at what this all means, we set out ways for retailers to stay on track during the ups and downs to come.

Trading Up is a new paper that asks whether the pandemic has affected the positive momentum experienced by premium brands in recent years. Our global brand tracking database reveals the latest trends and our experts explain what drives consumers to buy premium.

We Don’t Need to Talk about Ads identifies the four key creative traits of ads that attract comments. Advertising that gets talked about online can deliver “unpaid reach”, but it needs to generate the right responses among viewers.

Consumer Consciousness – like customer-centricity – is a concept whereby brands are attuned to the changing needs and demands of consumers. Our new paper outlines the steps an organisation must take in its data and analytics to become consumer conscious.

Country spotlights

Saudi Arabia: The first edition of Ipsos Flair in Saudi Arabia presents an in-depth view of society as our local team analyses current trends and gives their perspective on themes such as the economy, demographics, social media, food and infrastructure.

The UK: The latest research from our UK team includes a new study exploring life during lockdown and what – if anything – people will miss from this time. The Issues Index shows the public view on the top issues facing the nation today while another survey looks at perceptions of the Royal Family.


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