Social media usage statistics by country

Understanding consumers with and without social media.

Social media use varies from country to country. Which country’s social media users are the most and least active? Which platforms are most popular in each country? And how does this impact the way companies build consumer profiles?

In areas where social media usage is high, information gleaned from social media is an accurate picture of public opinion, preferences, and demands. While this is great news for companies, increased social media usage means increased competition. Companies who want to stand out need to form a complete picture of their audience through market research.

In countries or areas where social media usage is low, less can be learned online about consumer needs and public opinion. The need for survey data, therefore, increases exponentially if companies want to build an accurate consumer profile. Both social media data and market research are needed for any strong campaign, but the way in which they are used depends on the context of consumer social media usage.

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