[WEBINAR] The Path Forward: From Empathy to Impact

Join Ipsos for our next Covid-19 The Path Forward complimentary webinar featuring a wide-range of insights to help inform your business recovery strategies – today we focus on qualitative techniques designed for staying close to your customers.

Covid-19 has made our environment increasingly ‘fluid’. The familiar, routine activities that our customers have relied upon, no longer apply in this new environment. For many, this has created a state of flux, or even panic, because no ‘new normal’ exists and there is a constant need to assess and navigate the environment as it shifts.  Now, more than ever, EMPATHY is the most powerful tool we have as we deal with this economic and humanitarian crisis. We will explore the stages of Covid-19 and the type of discourse that may resonate in each stage, as we explore ways to stay close to your customers and demonstrate where brands can step up and play a significant role in helping stakeholders and customers navigate these stages.  And doing this matters!  Customers are assessing how well brands are supporting them throughout this time.  By providing companies with the understanding and the ability to adapt and anticipate customer needs, brands will stay close to their customers, strengthening relationships and demonstrating that we are all in this together. Join us as we discuss ways to adapt and evolve with your consumers as we all emerge together into the ‘new normal’.

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Speakers :

  • Steve Levy, Ipsos Canada

  • Brad Griffin, President, Canada, IUU

  • Lesley Haibach, EVP, Canada, Customer Experience

Customer experience