[Event] TTRA Annual Conference

Ipsos is delighted to be a sponsor of this year’s travel and tourism research conference.


Don’t miss Ipsos’ Priscilla Fisk who will be sharing interesting Custom Panel case studies where gamification and other engagement techniques resulted in strategy-driving results. As experts in this field, we employ several techniques to ensure respondent engagement and better insights. A Custom Panel offers an ongoing survey environment with regular access to your panelists for quick screenings, deep dives, longitudinal surveys or ad-hoc qualitative sessions such as co-creation or online chats. Discover how they can be applied to tourism marketers!


Ipsos’ Michael Rodenburgh will also be presenting with Visit Philadelphia. Their topic, Multicultural Traveler Research, highlights the results of two recent studies designed to better understand the African-American traveler and the Latino traveler from the Northeastern United States in order to inform targeted audience specific marketing campaign strategies and messaging.


Attendees will hear:

  • Reasons why tourism organizations should work hard to understand specific cultural segments
  • Suggestions on how to do the research, specific methodology and approach to analysis
  • How drivers of visitation can be similar and/or different by cultural group and
  • Marketing strategies gained from the research insights


For conference details, please visit the TTRA website.

Speakers :

  • Priscilla Fisk, Senior Vice President, North America
    Ipsos Custom Panels

  • Michael Rodenburgh, Executive Vice President, Canada
    Ipsos Marketing

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