Innovation Syndicated Studies

Ipsos Syndicated Studies

Ipsos offers a suite of syndicated studies, covering a broad range of topics, sectors, industries and trends. Syndicated studies provide a cost effective method of getting top level research results and findings.

In a syndicated study, costs are shared amongst a specified group of study subscribers. Subscribers receive either standard comprehensive reports or access to a syndicated database for ad hoc analyses via a bank of analysis hours provided.

Review our current syndicated study offerings below and contact the specific Ipsos study representative or your Ipsos representative for more information about how to subscribe.

Our Syndicated Offerings

Alcohol Consumption Tracker (ACT)

ACT tracks consumers' real time alcohol consumption over the course of a full month, across all categories, brands, and types of occasions. ACT is currently serving Canada (ACT Canada) and the United States (ACT US).

Contact: John Mohler

Canadians & Financial Advice – Mass

Canadians & Financial Advice - Mass is one of a series of reports since 2001 focusing on financial advice and the advisory channel in Canada, focusing on Canadians with $25,000+ in investable assets.

Contact: Heidi Wilson

Canadians & Financial Advice – Affluent

Canadians & Financial Advice - Affluent is one of a series of reports since 2001 focusing on financial advice and the advisory channel in Canada, focusing on affluent Canadians with $500,000+ in investable assets.

Contact: Heidi Wilson

Canadian Automotive Aftermarket Monitor (CAAM)

Launched in 2010, CAAM is a large (14,000 respondents) tracking study designed to help you understand how Canadians service their vehicles and to track their buying behaviour of select automotive aftermarket products.

Contact: Michael Hsu

Canadian Financial Monitor (CFM) - Household

Launched in 1999, CFM is a large (8,000 households) tracking study designed to help subscribers understand the banking habits, product holdings, spending habits and financial health of Canadian households.

Contact: Michael Hsu

Canadian Financial Monitor (CFM) - Individuals

Launched in 2018, CFM Individuals, based on 18,000 respondents annually, is the recognized premier source for consumer information on personal banking, investments, credit, debt and insurance

Contact: Michael Hsu

Cannabis Consumption Tracker (CCT)

CCT tracks consumers' real time cannabis consumption during the course of a full month, across all categories, brands, and types of occasions. CCT is frequently subscribed to in conjunction with the Alcohol Consumption Tracker (ACT).

Contact: John Mohler

Consumer Health & Safety Check-up

Consumer Health & Safety Check-up is a syndicated study combining CEX (Customer Experience) and CHP (Channel Performance). The program leverages Mystery Shopping to understand & compare how companies are implementing health & safety measures within their own industry and across industries, then digs deeper into what Canadians expect and how their journey is changing using the CX Health Monitor.

Contact: Becky Harris

Customer Service Index - Banking (CSI)

CSI is a quarterly personal banking customer experience survey. CSI provides Canada's financial sector with comprehensive benchmarking by key financial institution across multiple metrics for each banking channel, including branch, online, ATM, telephone and mobile. At the end of each year, top performing banks are awarded for their leadership in certain categories such as (NPS, Customer service, value, and channel experience).

Contact: Lesley Haibach

Customer Service Index – Insurance (CSI Insurance)

CSI Insurance is a syndicated study focused on understanding the insurance landscape in Canada by zooming in particularly on the experience metrics. This study runs 3 times a year, with the benchmark wave kicking off in July 2020. At the end of each year, Ipsos will award the top performing insurance companies.

Contact: Mariam Nabilsi

Delivery Unlocked

Delivery Unlocked is a syndicated study focused on understanding the landscape of food delivery experiences in Canada today, highlighting digital experience gaps, and comparing across brands. Uses a mixed-methodology approach with Mystery Shopping (food delivery experience in app and online) and Customer Experience (online survey).

Contact: Becky Harris

Digital Wallet and Payment Trends (DWPT)

DWPT incorporates digital and fintech features, alongside Open Banking concepts. DWPT helps you track payment usage (including credit cards), payment habits, methods and preferences, and spot emerging fintech trends.

Contact: Heidi Wilson

Food & Beverage Consumption Study (FIVE)

FIVE is a daily food and beverage consumption tracker that provides an accurate and unparalleled view of the food and beverage landscape, across both in and out of home. FIVE has delivered “One Source of Consumption Truth” since 2013.

Contact: Kathy Perrotta

Foodservice Monitor (FSM)

FSM is a daily market measurement of foodservice occasions that links market needs with actual consumer behaviour to offer subscribers a 360 degree look at the foodservice experience, whether it be on-premise or off-premise. FSM captures and analyzes custom menus across 250+ foodservice operators.

Contact: Asad Amin

The Most Influential Brands Study(MIB)

MIB unveils and ranks the most influential brands in Canada, and offer a case study perspective on the dimensions that drive each brand’s influence.

Contact: Steve Levy

Online Brokerage

Online Brokerage is an annual report focusing on investors’ use, choice of and loyalty to specific online brokerages and a full competitive analysis of Canada’s largest online brokerages.

Contact: Heidi Wilson

People With Disabilities Panel (PWD)

Ipsos has developed a community of People with Disabilities (PWD) that can be accessed to do research with this growing, important, unique segment of the population.

Our goal is to help businesses ensure that their products and services are meeting the needs of every audience, regardless of physical and cognitive ability.

Contact: Kristen Owens