[WEBINAR] Leveraging ESG to Enhance Your Corporate Reputation

At Ipsos, we give businesses, governments, and public bodies the confidence they need to take the right actions for the benefit of people and the planet, to drive long-term prosperity for all.

We see ESG as a challenge and opportunity for our clients and for Canada. To realize ESG’s promise of better lives for all, will require complimentary activities for all stakeholders. 

The ESG stakes are high for Canada. It is a country that leans heavily on its resource and agricultural sectors for growth, a geographically dispersed country with a significant rural and remote communities, and a country that will see rising immigration levels result in a population that will be 50% immigrants and their children by 2040. 

We use evidence to help our clients develop their actions, tell their stories, and realize the opportunities of the ESG movement. Join us as we embark on a series of webinars to explore how to:

  • Support fairer societies where everyone can thrive
  • Create prosperous businesses & societies
  • Shape a future that is planet-positive

The first edition of the series on June 12 will focus on leveraging ESG to enhance your corporate reputation.

What is ESG, why does it matter, and how is it linked to business outcomes, including corporate reputation? Ipsos surveyed over 19,000 global citizens across 27 countries and 18,000 Canadians to understand their views about ESG and how various industries and brands are performing on ESG.

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Speakers :

  • Sean Simpson

    Sean Simpson, Senior Vice President, Canada, Public Affairs

  • Meghan Miller, Senior Account Manager, Public Affairs

  • Mike Colledge, President, ESG Lead, Ipsos Canada

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