[WEBINAR] LGBT+ Pride 2023 Survey Insights

Ipsos recently ran a new global survey to explore the experiences of, and attitudes towards LGBT+ individuals. Join Nicolas Boyon, Ipsos Global Advisor’s Editorial and Strategy Lead and Meghan Miller, Senior Account Manager, Canada Public Affairs as they share and contextualize insights from our 2023 wave.

Among the topics covered in our survey, you will hear more about:

  • How many adults identify as LGBT+ across the 30 countries we surveyed and how this varies across generations
  • How much visibility have various segments of the LGBT+ achieved
  • How the world feels about same-sex marriage and parenting
  • How much support and pushback there is towards transgender rights in North America and beyond

By gaining a better understanding of the profile, diversity, and acceptance of the LGBT+ population, attendees will learn about how to more authentically connect with this segment. The insights will identify opportunities for message improvement and for product/service innovation. This presentation will be relevant to professionals in communications and marketing, product/category management, customer experience, human resources and DEI, as well as policy makers and influencers, advocacy groups, and academics.

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Speakers :

  • Nicolas Boyon, Senior Vice President and Ipsos Global Advisor Lead

  • Meghan Miller, Senior Account Manager, Public Affairs