Do We Still Need to Ask Questions?

Is it the end of surveys as we know it? Or do they still play a meaningful role in managing and growing brands?

Do We Still Need to Ask Questions?

While creativity remains a powerful tool, perhaps more valuable than before, there is no doubt that data and technology are changing the way brands interact, engage with, and communicate with people.

The growth of behavioural science, the development of new passive techniques, and the growing amounts of data available in private companies or social spaces are great new sources for marketers to gather insights about their brands and communications. With all this rich information, one can even wonder does market research still need to ask questions of people? Or, is asking questions becoming old-fashioned?

The important discussions to have are around:

  • What your brand is trying to achieve. That should drive any sound research design.
  • What each tool, approach or method delivers in terms of information, data and insight. This is good practice to drive the necessary change needed in research programmes.
  • How to integrate new information, data, and new insights. In an increasingly complex world, integration is the sweet spot.

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