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Brand Health Tracking

Brand Equity Measurement

Understand what is driving your brand’s success and plan your activation strategy.

Using our market-leading Brand Value Creator model, Ipsos can identify what makes a difference to a brand’s equity, both in people’s desire for the brand and via the market effects that influence their choices. We use the analysis to set an activation strategy and to identify the KPIs our clients need to track, so that they know if their actions are moving the metrics that matter for their brands.

Ipsos offers a global network of teams with deep expertise in brand equity measurement. We help you understand which aspects of your brand experience, image and relationship matter to people when they make buying decisions. Armed with this information you can set the right course for activation across creative, media and touchpoints. Our brand equity model and driver analysis, together with Brand Mental Network analysis, enable you to build the right activation plan for your brand in today’s crowded and highly competitive marketplace.

Brand Value Creator

A market-leading method used to measure the performance and feelings people have about brands in a real-world context. In addition, we offer a Brand Mental Network analysis that illustrates how people see and remember your brand including all their associations and in their own words.

Brand Value Creator | Ipsos