For over 20 years, awareness, image, and donation patterns for a great number of charities in the Netherlands have been measured in the Chari*Scope research program. Within this program, Ipsos offers different modules to help charities better understand their position and their (potential) donors.

Awareness and willingness to donate

Being a widely known organization is one thing, but in the end it’s the conversion that matters; to what extent is your organization taken into consideration and who will be converted into actual donors? In the Chari*Scope Awareness module we monitor monthly:

  • Awareness (spontaneous and aided)
  • Conversion to consideration and donation
  • Preferred ways of donating to charities
  • Feelings of closeness / involvement
  • Willingness to actively support a charity (e.g., by volunteering or fundraising)

We publish all results, both for your own organization and for other charities, in an online dashboard every month. Because of this monthly set-up, we can measure the effects of a certain campaign or news report and enable you to notice and act quickly when performance on these KPIs drops or improves. 


Image and trust

Trustworthiness and a positive image are essential in acquiring and retaining donors. Once a year, we run our Image module in which trust is the central theme. We measure trust using our own Chari*Trust Index. We also offer insight in what (potential) donors find most important when it comes to charities and to what extent your organization fits with these expectations, also compared to other organizations. The items measured are carefully selected and based on scientific research. 


Responding to current events

The set-up of the Chari*Scope research program enables us to quickly respond to currents events. During the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, for example, we have set up a corona module to provide insight in the expectations among the Dutch public of charities in this situation and in the impact of this crisis on people’s donation behaviour. 


Different sectors

As we monitor performance of many different types of charities in our Chari*Scope program, we can also compare organizations within a specific sector. We currently provide insights to a variety of health funds, national and global aid organizations, and charities for environmental causes.