Ipsos and I&O Research join forces as Ipsos I&O

As of January 8, 2024, we will join forces with I&O Research. Ipsos acquires all shares of I&O Research and continues under the name Ipsos I&O.

Ipsos I&OAs of January 8, 2024, we will join forces with I&O Research. Ipsos acquires all shares of I&O Research and continues under the name Ipsos I&O. This move perfectly aligns with our ambition to further strengthen our position within the public sector. 

In our rapidly changing world, the need for reliable information to make well-informed decisions is greater than ever. Understanding the broader context – when it comes to people, society, brands and markets – is invaluable for both public and private organisations. Both domains are growing closer together, as they progressively embrace each other's methods and strategies.

To effectively respond to this development, Ipsos Netherlands and I&O Research will continue together as one entity. In this way, we strengthen our position as a leading market research agency, and we become the market leader in research for the public sector in the Netherlands. Our collaboration enhances our expertise, expands our research and data collection methodologies, and amplifies our innovative capacity. This forms the foundation for delivering even greater value to our clients, supported by an enthusiastic team of professionals.

In the press release, Ben Page, CEO of Ipsos, enthusiastically comments on the merger of Ipsos Netherlands and I&O Research: “In line with our 2025 strategy, we continue to strengthen our position in work for governments and the public sector. This new acquisition will bring I&O Research's gold standard operations together with Ipsos' best-in-class research. The combined organization will enable our clients to benefit from expanded operational resources and infrastructure, as well as leading analysis capabilities.”

See here for the full press release.


Ipsos is an independent market research company founded in France in 1975. With over 5,000 clients across all sectors and active in almost 90 markets, Ipsos has evolved into a global organisation. Leveraging various areas of expertise, we offer a holistic view that empowers our clients to make smarter decisions. Ipsos employs more than 20,000 people, including 150 employees working at the Dutch offices in Amsterdam and Rijen. 

I&O Research is an independent research agency for social issues. After its foundation in 1996, it became the leading research agency for the public sector in the Netherlands. I&O Research delivers reliable and independent research helping their clients to make better informed decisions. I&O Research employs 100 people at offices in Amsterdam and Enschede.

Both Ipsos and I&O Research are actively engaged in opinion research. As Ipsos I&O we will continue to provide the media and the public with relevant social and political insights into the views and behaviour of Dutch citizens. In the upcoming period, we will be talking to stakeholders from media, science, and government to investigate in what form we will continue our opinion research.


For more information, please contact:

Daan Versteeg – Country Manager Ipsos ([email protected]
Paulien Schieven – Chief Client Officer ([email protected]
Sjoerd van Heck – Service Line Leader Public Affairs ([email protected]