Ipsos’ update on Covid-19

Our country has been in the grip of the corona virus for some time now. The government has announced various measures, which we, as Ipsos, will naturally comply with. We’d like to inform you on what the possible effects of the measures on our cooperation with clients and partners may be.



Health and wellbeing

Our first priority is the health and wellbeing of the people. Just like many other businesses, therefore we work from home where possible and ask everybody who feels slightly ill to stay home altogether. We offer support to our employees who take care of others. We avoid gathering in larger groups as much as possible and look for alternatives for person-to-person contact.




Business continuity

The progress of the business is our second concern. We seek to secure the progress of all surveys as much as possible. As long as the health of clients, employees and respondents is not in jeopardy, we will continue our business. We are a full-service agency and therefore have different measures in place for different types of research. For qualitative and face-to-face quantitative research, we use our digital alternatives. We will advise postponing research in only a limited number of cases. For telephone studies, our interviewers are working from home as much as possible. Online research can proceed as usual in this period. Modern means of communication guarantee that we can be easily accessed, by phone and by email. And we use skype, teams or zoom for consultation with several attendees. 




The consequences for research

The question of course is also how likely, in these times of crisis, the results of research may deviate as compared to other times. Ipsos’ view is that we are capable of conducting a lot of research as usual, with adapted methods. Our principle is that for each research we determine together what the right approach is and if, due to changes in consumer behaviour, postponement would be sensible. This can be different per category, topic or target group. For the consequences for a specific project, we therefore ask you to reach out to one of our researchers. They can help you further. 
Every day Ipsos conducts research globally on the impact of the coronavirus. We will naturally share this information with you, to use in decision making for your services or brands. That is why we have set up a website where we bring together all our research and insights on the coronavirus outbreak and its consequences. 
We are aware that the situation can change from day to day. We adapt our policy as soon as the directives change. For regular updates on our policy, we refer to our website.