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Market Strategy & Understanding

Market Understanding

Understand where your market is heading and identify your best growth opportunities.

Our Usage and Attitude approaches integrate multiple data sources for an overall understanding of your brand and category. Our deep segmentation experience enables us to help define growth objectives and select variables that drive brand choice. Our Market Landscape & Sizing studies help clients understand how consumers perceive the market, how they use products and what motivates them.

Modular Usage and Attitude (U&A)

Our modular U&A studies use an approach that enables early insights and short feedback loops. We integrate multiple data sources for an overall understanding of the brand and category and answer business questions such as: Where is my category heading? What are the risks to my brand? Where are opportunities to grow my brand or disrupt the category?

The starting point of our Modular U&A is a kick-off meeting to identify knowledge gaps, followed by phases that may include device agnostic surveys, ethnographies or social intelligence. We conduct workshops after each phase to translate insights into actions.

The goal is to collect in the moment information, using behavioral and implicit techniques (passive measurement, visuals/video, open ends, etc.).


Ipsos has deep segmentation experience that enables us to help define growth objectives, select variables that drive brand choice, analyse results and ensure the segmentation is embedded in your organisation. Our approach goes beyond attitudes to include behavioural measures like consumption and spending and uses social data to enrich segment profiles. Moreover, we can link your segmentation to databases (e.g. Customer Relationship Management and Data Management Platforms) to help clients target their marketing campaigns.

Our segmentation approaches can be applied across all stages of the marketing cycle: developing products and communications, targeting consumers, and optimising your portfolio.

Download here more information about SLICE, an agile needs segmentation module that defines consumer segments cost-efficiently and time effectively.  

Market Landscape & Sizing

Our Market Landscape studies help clients understand how consumers structure the market, based on how they perceive and use products and the needs these deliver. We answer business questions such as: How do consumers navigate my category, or across adjacent categories? Are there any white space or brand stretch opportunities? How do I optimise my portfolio of products and brands?

We use a flexible approach that zooms in on the micro perspective of a category (e.g., product level detail) and zooms out on adjacent categories. We apply Social Intelligence to help you stay ahead of the curve on category disruptions.