[WEBINAR] What you didn’t know about the impact of the coronavirus!

Your mailbox is probably flooded with news and insights about the Coronavirus. Research publications are following each other in rapid succession. As much as we like to contribute to this information flow, we also like to make things comprehensible for you. In this webinar we therefore present a coherent and complete picture of the crisis so far including current insights that have not been previously shared.  

After participating, you will be completely up to date and totally aware of how to respond as a brand or organization to this defining event. 

The session on May 20th presented:

  • The story so far: an update on the impact the crisis is having on people around the world, including a first-hand account of the experience in Turkey
  • COVID Conversations: what we’ve learned to date from social media analysis, alongside a look at how it can support us during the coming period
  • Spotlight on China: the latest findings from our Optimism and Anxieties during COVID-19 report 

Watch the recording below or download the slides here




  • Jennifer Hubber 
    Chief Client Officer, Head of Ipsos Global Client Organisation
  • Simon Atkinson 
    Chief Knowledge Officer, Ipsos
  • Leendert de Voogd
    Global Service Line Leader, Social Intelligence Analytic, Ipsos
  • Yan Ho
    Leader of Channel Performance Service Line, Ipsos in China
  • Sidar Gedik 
    CEO, Ipsos Turkey