Business Consulting

Ipsos Business Consulting provides practical advice for your business or organisation built on fact-based consulting approaches. We help business leaders and organisations worldwide build, compete, and grow in the marketplace by making idiosyncratic, permanent, and significant improvements in overall performance.

What for?

Our process involves areas such as business strategy, top line and bottom line growth, and differentiation.

These are effectively supported by our Business Consulting solutions including:

  • Business Unit Strategy
  • Competitive Insight
  • Go-to-Market
  • Innovation Scouting
  • Sales & Marketing

We also offer our Sector Expertise in numerous industries:

  • Agribusiness
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial
  • Others

How it works?

At its core, our approach is about simplicity keeping in mind that we will stand firm in our decision making backed by our fact-based data whether it’s a popular decision with your company or not. We access the right information to analyse in your specific market so that it’s relevant and actionable for your business. We deliver it as a practical, outcome-focused consulting engagement in order to contribute to the growth of your business.

Why our solution is unique?

With over 19 years experience of supporting local and international clients with their market entry and expansion plans in emerging and developed markets, Ipsos Go-to-Market solution is based on our experience of over 3000 projects and a technical team that continues to keep us as a leader in the market intelligence profession.