Investor Day



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Presentations Investor day 2017


  • Total Understanding
    Didier Truchot – Ipsos Chairman & CEO
  • Financial Perspectives
    Laurence Stoclet - Ipsos Deputy CEO & CFO
  • Total Access
    Judith Passingham - CEO Ipsos Interactive Services / Ipsos Operations
  • Total Coverage
    Shane Farrell, CEO Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Total Science & Knowledge
    Henri Wallard, Ipsos Deputy CEO
  • Understanding Consumers at Ipsos Connect & Ipsos Marketing
    Arnaud Caré, Ipsos Connect France, Léa Turquier, Ipsos Marketing France
    Alex Gronberger, CEO Latin America
    Liz Landy, Managing Director Ipsos Connect UK
  • Understanding Patients at Ipsos Healthcare
    Pierre Le Manh, Chairman & CEO, North America & Ipsos Marketing
  • Understanding Citizens at Ipsos Public Affairs
    UK elections - Ben Page, CEO UK & Ireland
    French elections
    - Brice Teinturier, Deputy CEO, Ipsos in France
  • Q&A


Sadler's Wells Theatre

London -UK


Click here to access to the webcast


  • Ipsos on the move,
    Didier Truchot – Ipsos Chairman & CEO
  • Growth & New Services: USA update,
    Pierre Le Manh - CEO Ipsos North America
  • How to be accurate in a fragmented society: the social research challenge,
    Bobby Duffy - Managing Director, Ipsos Public Affairs UK
  • Immersion & Curation: New needs / New stream of revenues,
    Jacquie Matthews - Global CEO Ipsos UU
  • Passive Measurement & Surveys: the right combination,
    Liz Landy - Managing Director, Ipsos Connect UK
  • Interactive Session, Perils of Perception,
    Sue Phillips - Global Head of Insights and Ethnography/Immersions
  • Ethnography & Behavioural Science in Healthcare,
    Jim Needell - Managing Director, Ipsos Marketing UK
    Victoria Guyatt - Head of Ethnography
  • The EFM revolution,
    Olivier Lagrand - Managing Director, Ipsos Loyalty France
  • The new ways to respondents' access,
    Judith Passingham - Global CEO, Ipsos Operations
  • Brexit: latest update,
    Ben Page - CEO Ipsos MORI
  • Q&A,
    Laurence Stoclet - Deputy CEO and CFO, and all presenters


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