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> Total number of voting rights and shares at the end of each calendar month




Voting rights




31 January44,436,23545,252,99443,159,496

28 February44,436,23545,239,76343,134,481
31 March44,436,23545,235,15943,130,475
30 April44,436,23545,167,67343,421,538
31 May44,436,23545,169,26343,435,666
30 June44,436,23553,105,85851,368,918
31 July44,436,23553,062,71851,476,446
31 August44,436,23552.054.57750.453.732
30 September44,436,23552,054,87950,580,082
31 October44,436,23552,058,50850,594,564
30 November44,436,23552,083,07650,617,285
31 December44,436,23552,083,10850,732,267
*This number is calculated on the basis of all the shares to which voting rights are attached, including shares whose voting rights have been suspended, in accordance with Article 223-11 of the Autorité des Marchés Financiers general regulation related to the calculation of the crossing of thresholds in regard with the number of voting rights.
**For information purposes, the net number of shares whose voting rights have been suspended.


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