Activation workshops are interactive sessions which help you turn insights into action and connect to business outcomes.

What for?

These tailored sessions ensure that our recommendations are activated in your organisation and embedded in your business.

Activation workshops can be used in many different situations: to generate insights for innovation, create new ideas, bring segmentation to life or develop key elements of a brand proposition.

How it works?

Our workshop-style sessions are conducted in collaboration with client teams and optimally involve all key stakeholders. Highly experiential, we harness the power of the collective intelligence of your teams to deliver clear business action.

Why our solution is unique?

  • Clear protocols tailored to fit with Ipsos specialist research approaches, eg. Censydiam ‘Segments to Life’ and ‘Brand Activation’; Insight Accelerator for front end innovation
  • Insight driven – facilitated by experts who are fully aware of the consumer context and key research findings.
  • Well structured, organised and professionally run by trained facilitators.

Testimonials from Insight Managers, Global Consumer Goods company:


I can genuinely say that I have never been to a better workshop.  Insightful and excellent presentations - best-in-class facilitation.  Amazing visual support and stimulus materials.  Most importantly – action and output-focused which allowed us to work up three excellent positionings in just one day. 

My Marketing Director stated that ‘in my fifteen years in Marketing, I’ve always dreaded long U&A/needstate presentations, but this one was by the far the best I’ve ever seen and was thoroughly enjoyable and insightful.