COVID-19 Saudi Arabia Consumer Sentiment Tracker

In Saudi Arabia, the government is seen as the most reliable source of information on COVID-19 related news.

The Coronavirus epidemic has impacted markets,behaviors and lives. Understanding how citizen and consumer opinions and behaviors are evolving in this time of uncertainty is crucial in order to be able effectively manage and initiate the appropriate response.

Accordingly, Ipsos has launched The COVID-19 MENA Consumer Sentiment Tracker - KSA edition, which monitors a multitude of aspects in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, including, but not limited to concerns about the virus, expectations from authorities, changes in behaviors, and perceived impact.

Here are some key finding from the wave between March 15 and March 18, 2020:

  • Majority have heard a great deal about the Coronavirus out break, lower levels amongst Asians.
  • Many believe there is at least some exaggeration by the media - Arabs are more trusting of media stories.
  • The Government is seen as the most reliable source of information on COVID-19 related news.
  • Only a minority thinking it is very likely that someone around them will be infected.
  • Majority do not believe COVID-19 will reach a crisis point, with similar levels of concern across demographics.
  • Majority believe the Coronavirus impact will disappear by June, with Asians most likely to agree.
  • The vast majority see a total quarantine as a necessary response if more cases start appearing.
  • Governments and health organizations are seen as best performers, while businesses and the UN are falling short in comparison.
  • There is higher confidence in authorities and health services when compared to pharmaceutical companies.
  • Washing hands is most common counter measure taken.Youth are less cautious, while Asians prefer masks.
  • There are concerns of a global recession, but impact is believed less likely to impact the country itself.

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