[Blog] The resilience of the Singapore people and their systems

What is this pandemic revealing about the resilience of the Singapore people and their systems?

DPM Heng Swee Keat, in his announcement of the Resilience Budget, spoke of the need to “build resilience in our economy and society, as we battle this downturn, and build capabilities for when the eventual recovery comes”. This recognises and suggests that:

  1. Resilience is multifaceted in that there needs to be both economic and social resilience, and
  2. Resilience is about capability-building which enables the economy and society as a whole to become more prepared in the future.

Underlying this is the principle that resilience is ultimately about having access to both tangible resources (such as food, shelter and money) and non-tangible resources (such as social networks).

Given the factors above as well as the circumstances we are faced with, we reflect on what has COVID-19 revealed about the resilience of our people and systems in Singapore.

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