Flu in Thailand: Insights into Perception and Action on Vaccination

This paper aims to understand perception of influenza among local experts, practising doctors, and the general population in Thailand.

Influenza (flu) vaccination has been available since the 1940s yet, in many countries across the globe, misperceptions, poor understanding, insufficient access, and other challenges, prevent many individuals from protecting themselves against a virus that is a global threat.

In developing nations, the full impact of influenza is not fully known, but research estimates that 99% of deaths in children under 5 years of age with influenza-related lower respiratory tract infections occur in developing countries. The elderly, in particular, have the highest risk of flu-related mortality. From 2006 to 2011, approximately 83% of all deaths from influenza in Thailand occurred in the elderly.

To gain a deeper understanding of the prevailing attitudes, perceptions and burden surrounding influenza and influenza vaccinations in several South East Asian countries, including Thailand, Ipsos conducted a series of studies between February and May 2019.

Flu in Thailand