[Webinar] Ipsos Global Trends 2020: Certainty in Times of Crisis

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"Understanding the underlying human values that anchor these trends will allow us to better predict how the society will change, or not change, and how we as organisations can remain relevant as the world evolves."

The Ipsos Global Trends is a study that is conducted once every 3 years. The first study was done in 2013 and then again in 2016. The latest study outlines some of the headlines from more than 370 questions asked across 33 countries. It outlines the macro forces that are at play around the world - what trends are emerging - and how these trends are expressed, seen and observed in different countries.

With the whole world now affected by COVID-19, we are seeing consumer behaviour evolving so rapidly, and so we have used the global trends to reflect on what this crisis should mean for the future.

COVID-19 is a massive shock to the ecosystem and we see already, massive potential disruption. Economic impact will be felt for years and 'step changes' seen in consumer behaviours such as cashless payments, online shopping, etc. Though, we need to be very careful about saying that the world is going to change forever. If the virus disappeared tomorrow, it is likely that many things may not permanently change and we need to be sensitive about that.

In Ipsos' theory of change, we know that people's values hold true over the medium term, regardless of circumstances. The current signals or manifestations of new behaviour that we are seeing as a response to COVID-19 are examples of people becoming entrenched more heavily into the values they hold. When shocks occur, people look for ways to reinforce what they already think, or that they want to believe to be true.


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