[EVENT] Welcome to Amazing Thailand

Ipsos Business Consulting recently sponsored a luncheon where the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) gave an address about the future of the tourism industry in Thailand. The Governor, Khun Suraphon Svetasreni, has been working with the Tourism of Thailand (TAT) for over 37 years since 1976. Before he was appointed governor of TAT in 2010 Khun Supraphon was deputy governor overlooking marketing communication, policy & planning and public relations. His speech focused on Thailand's place as a leading destination for tourism in Asia and how the arrivals were now being dominated by tourists from China, Korea and Japan. Delegates were able to hear about the TAT's ambitious plans for the development of the tourism industry which included more emphasis on niche markets.

Guests at the luncheon, which was organised by the British Chamber of Commerce in Thailand included a display about Go-to-Market and Competitive Intelligence solutions from Business Consulting, as well as an Ipsos bear for every guest.