Ipsos releases the 2024 edition of the Reputation Council report

The Reputation Council is a definitive guide to the latest thinking and practice in corporate communications and corporate reputation management, from senior communicators at many of the world's most respected companies.

The corporate affairs function has two fundamental objectives - to protect and to promote a company's reputation. In this report, you will explore the role of the corporate communicator, learn how their roles are evolving and find out about how the imperatives of protecting and promoting their organizations reputation is being tested in a variety of ways, including; rapidly evolving technological advancements, the challenges of business acquisitions, the potential pitfalls of corporate sponsorship and the balance between global and local communications.

The Ipsos Reputation Council 2024 report offers valuable insight into how Generative AI can potentially transform businesses and stakeholder engagement. Despite the benefits, it also warns of risks such as data security breaches. The report also highlights the growing importance of communications during mergers and acquisitions, with two-thirds of Council members being fully involved in developing associated strategies. It further delves into the pros and cons of corporate sponsorship and the process of selecting the right partner. Lastly, it discusses the balance between stakeholder engagement in local markets and consistent messaging through one corporate voice.

The report is enriched with contributions from 135 senior corporate communicators across 23 global markets, who form the Ipsos Reputation Council.

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Join us on March 5 for our deep dive webinar, and access our past editions here.

About the Ipsos Reputation Council
Established in 2009, the Ipsos Reputation Council brings together senior communicators from some of the most respected corporations in the world. The Reputation Council’s mission is to increase the understanding of the issues and challenges facing communicators in the corporate environment, as well as capturing expert views on key trends, issues and events in the wider world. Each sitting of the Reputation Council provides a definitive guide to the latest thinking and practice in the corporate communications world.