[WEBINAR] Ipsos Reputation Council 2024: AI, Sponsorships, M&A and more

2024 promises to be dynamic – half of the world will head to the polls, AI will continue to advance at a pace faster than most businesses are able to adapt, and as trust in government continues to slide, people will look to brands, business leaders and their own employers to right societal wrongs.

While their involvement in strategy setting may vary organization to organization, the Chief Communications Officer, and their deputies, always bear the weight of delivering the c-suite’s vision to the masses. As keepers of corporate reputation, their chief objective is to build trust through communications – and in doing so, effectively manage risk and maximize positive business outcomes. This job has never been more challenging.

In the seventeenth sitting of the Ipsos Reputation Council, we spoke with 135 communications leaders at the world’s largest and best-known companies in 23 markets to explore the issues and challenges facing communicators in the corporate environment and capture their expert views on key trends, issues, and events in the wider world.

Join us to hear these findings and practical guidance for corporate communicators looking to diagnose and proactively manage risk and maximize business outcomes in the year ahead. This presentation is a must for professionals in communications and marketing, public and government affairs, as well as policymakers and influencers, advocacy groups, and academics.

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  • Trent Ross, Global Chief Research Officer, Ipsos Corporate Reputation
  • Jason McGrath, Executive Vice President and U.S. Head, Ipsos Corporate Reputation

They will help you learn more about:

  • How American’s are feeling in 2024, the issues they’re most focused on, and the tensions and opportunity this creates for business leaders
  • How AI is impacting the work of communications leaders in the world’s largest businesses
  • How corporate communicators with a multinational footprint strike the right balance between global and local ownership
  • The evolving role of communicators in M&A
  • How corporate communicators are controlling risk and maximizing value through corporate sponsorships in today’s environment
  • How communicators are evolving their toolkit to incorporate more proactive reputation and risk management, and demonstrate comms impact and ROI

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About Ipsos Reputation Council

Established in 2009, the Ipsos Reputation Council brings together senior communicators from some of the most respected corporations in the world. The Reputation Council’s mission is to increase the understanding of the issues and challenges facing communicators in the corporate environment, as well as capturing expert views on key trends, issues, and events in the wider world. Each sitting of the Reputation Council provides a definitive guide to the latest thinking and practice in the corporate communications world. The seventeenth sitting of the Reputation Council involved 135 senior corporate communicators based in 23 global markets. 135 interviews were conducted with Ipsos Reputation Council members globally between July - Sept 2023, either in person, by telephone or video call.