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Ook dit jaar zijn we door Greenbook uitgeroepen tot nr. 2 meest innovatieve marktonderzoeksbureau ter wereld. Tijdens het What's New in Market Research Event op 18 mei boden we geïnteresseerden een kijkje in onze keuken en presenteerden we samen met onze klanten onze nieuwste onderzoekstoepassingen. Hieronder vind je een overzicht van de gepresenteerde praktijkcasussen.

Ronde 1

UberTrackers of the future: goodbye big & bulky. Hello flexible & actionable! - By M. Donovan, Uber EMEA Research & Insights and P. van Verseveld, Research Director at Ipsos
Speed room - ground floor

The market is changing. Organizations need to be more agile. They have to act quicker and adapt to rapidly changing conditions.

Often brand- and communication trackers are unable to fulfill these requirements. They’ve grown out to be “Big and Bulky” instruments. Data often disappear in a drawer and hardly ever lead to actionable decisions. It’s time to  change!
Ipsos has developed a new approach for brand- and communication tracking, which fulfills the market’s need for speed, simplicity, substance and actionability. Using this approach we helped Uber building their brand across the EMEA region.

HunkemollerVR in retail: testing store environments - By T. van den Bergh, Market Research Manager at Hunkemöller International BV and Robert Schueler, SMX Lead Ipsos.
Secuity room - ground floor

Thanks to Virtual Reality we are able to simulate real-life experiences, ‘as if we’re actually there’. For Hunkemöller we tested several new store concept improvements.

Using 360 degree camera's we were able to recreate a complete store in 3D.  Respondents from all over the world only had to put on a VR-device to enter the store and experience the changes. No one actually needed to travel to a specific test location. Thanks to advanced techniques all sorts of changes such as switching labels and signs could easily be made in the 3D environment without having to make them in real life. Tessa and Robert presented all the advantages off 3D concept testing.

Ronde 2

segmentationThe magic of 3D segmentation -  By P. Verhoelst, Associate Research Director at Ipsos
Speed room - ground floor

Segmentations are often hard to land in an organization. Visit this session and discover how combining segmentations based on attitudes and occasions, leads to interesting opportunities.

Patricia Verhoelst showed  how this helps to optimize marketing strategies and develop specific concepts that turn these opportunities into real success stories.

MediaCellA new way of measuring audience reach - By P. Eldon, Technical Audience Manager at Ipsos in Great Britain
Security room - Ground floor

For advertisers insights in reach through one specific channel isn’t enough any more. These days it is much more valuable to map out the total reach of a brand or campaign through various platforms.

Not the media type but the consumer must be centre stage in media reach surveys. It’s time for a different approach. This session focussed on cross media campaign measurement using apps.

Ronde 3

AkzoNobelHow to build internal engagement through storytelling - By P. Venetikidis, Global Insights, Professional Decorative Paints at AkzoNobel and Rohit Jhamb, Head of Clients at Ipsos
Security room - ground floor

Obtaining a business tool is one thing, accelerating quick adoption and diffusion internally another.

AkzoNobel experienced this first hand after obtaining a new tool for concept testing. Pantelis Venetikidis explained how AkzoNobel successfully used the art of storytelling to engage and persuade all internal stakeholders.

Emotional StickyGetting sticky: how emotionally attached are your customers? - By M. van den Heuvel, Director Loyalty at Ipsos|
Speed room - ground floor

An individual’s emotional connection to a brand undeniably plays  an  important  role  in  their  engagement  and  loyalty.  
But is it possible to measure ‘pure’ emotions using rational questions? 

By  their  nature,  emotions  are  not  things  that one  can  rationalise  (thus  the  need  for  pulse/heart-rate,  sweat, caps to measure brain activity etc). Perhaps a more pertinent  question  is:  Can  we  construct  an  emotional  framework (via quantitative questions) that adds valuable insight to our clients? And the answer is YES!

call center of the futureWelcome to the call center of the future - By H. van Leeuwen, Callcentre Manager at Ipsos
Substance room - ground floor

In some cases telephone research is the best method for your research question.
For instance, when your target group is hard to reach online or when more detailed probing is desired.

Harm van Leeuwen will show you how we centrally coordinate offline fieldwork in different countries . Visitors stepped on the call centre floor and experienced how things are done in a modern international call centre, where calls are made both from the office and from home.

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